The Home Run Formula

Fatigue. Headaches. Stress. Weight gain. Sleep disturbances.  Digestive problems.  Back, neck, hip and knee pain…  In today’s fast paced, go, go, go society we often feel like we have to just suck it up and deal with it.  But by “deal with it,” we really mean “pretend it’s not a problem.”  And when it finally gets so bad that sticking our head in the sand is no longer a viable option, we’ve hit rock bottom and the way back out of the ditch seems an impossible climb.

But there is hope.  And your body can heal.  And things can get better.  Provided you address four very important bases, which together make up the Home Run Formula.

First base represents structural and physical corrections.  Did you know that you have to lose 60% of function before you ever even have a symptom? And not only that, but the health of your spine directly impacts the nervous system, the Master System of the whole body, and therefore affects not only your muscles, but every organ in your body!  A healthy spine is not just about having good posture and being pain-free—it means the lights are turned on and your brain can communicate properly with the rest of your body.

Second base represents biochemistry and nutrition—the things that should be in our body so that we can not only survive, but thrive!   We quite literally are what we eat.  And sadly, for many of us, that means junk.  And even when we do try to eat healthy, our food supply is both polluted and depleted and our bodies pay the price. Without the proper building blocks, healing can’t take place. This is further complicated by food allergies and sensitivities. If you have a food sensitivity you’re not aware of, you may be eating lots of “healthy food” but not absorbing any of it because your body doesn’t recognize it as beneficial. So you can be nutrient deprived even if you eat perfectly and take tons of supplements.

Third base represents the effects of toxins on the body—things that are in the body, but shouldn’t be.  When toxins build up in our body because of our diet and polluted environment, our internal elimination mechanisms get backed up and we accelerate disease, aging, and mental degeneration, and often we also have a harder time losing weight.

Fourth base represents emotional or stress-related factors.  Grief over the loss of a loved one or pet, feeling of anger or vulnerability during a difficult divorce, fear over job security, rage during rush our traffic…  Emotional stressors affect all aspects of our health, not just our mood.  Not only does stress affect your sleep patterns and lead to hormonal weight gain, but it can affect your digestion, concentration, blood pressure, and can lead to headaches, muscle spasms, inflammation, and many other ailments. And if you tend to eat when you’re stressed, that stress can become associated with the food you eat and can lead to food sensitivities.  Stress can literally eat you up inside if you don’t release it and can affect your health, relationships, and ultimately your success.

So often we want just one magic bullet that will fix everything.  One pill.  One solution. And we want it fast! But rarely is there only one cause in disease. We have to hit all four bases if we want to score—if we want our Home Run.  It’s the only way to play the game and win.

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