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I have been very pleased with my treatments with Dr. Rita.  She is the only doctor I have been to that looks at the whole body and works on fixing the problems versus just treating the symptom.  Dr. Rita is very caring, gentle, and thorough.  I have been very impressed with her ability to tune into the body.  I feel like she really listens and cares about what I say and how I feel. I feel in good hands with Dr. Rita.  I was also impressed with how she handled my 2 year old daughter.  She was able to engage her and keep her happy while adjusting her.  Both my daughter and I look forward to our continued care with Dr. Rita.


Dr. Rita is a gifted healer and a wizard.

(Joy, Part 1)

I am in my 70s and was referred to Dr. Lathon by a friend.  I filled out the most thorough case history I had ever experienced and went in for a diagnostic.  Dr. Lathon was very knowledgable, and warmth and caring are part of her professionalism.  She discovered energy blockages and resolved them, tested for allergies and found some of which I was unaware, did NET and helped me release a concern about a friend, and did quantum neurology and resolved some energy blockages and weaknesses.   She even tested my supplements for me to ensure I was taking things compatible with my body.  

I left her office feeling healed and with an awareness of the energy flowing throughout my body.  I have since had a massage from her and once again experienced her magical healing energy.  My conclusion:  She is a powerful healing wizard!  As the Terminator says "I'll be back!"

(Joy, Part 2)

I am fortunate to have been a massage client of Dr. Rita's for eight years.  Her superior knowledge of the body and talent make Dr. Rita a singularly gifted therapist.  She is an equally amazing chiropractor.  Dr. Rita doesn't just make me feel better-she addresses the underlying causes for chronic pain and treats the whole person.  In my case, she prescribed a series of targeted exercises that I continue to use as a tool to keep my body happy.  I highly recommend Rita, whether you're in pain or looking to improve your overall health. See how great healthy can feel!


All my life I have struggled with severe anxiety.  For as long as I can remember it has ruled just about every facet of my existence.  I don’t really know how to explain how it felt expect that my head was always busy, my thoughts were always racing. Peace, calm or quiet didn’t exist in my world.  My head was always “on”, and I constantly searched for ways to turn it “off”.  After countless years of trying to alleviate the anxiety I came to believe that nothing would ever work, and I had never been proven wrong until I met with Dr. Lathon.

I think few people can say some event or circumstance truly changed their life but that’s what happened for me the day I met her.  Dr. Lathon suggested doing something called NET and honestly I didn’t know anything about it, didn’t understand it, but really what did I have to lose?  Until you have tried NET I am not sure there is a way to explain it.   Dr. Lathon was able to pinpoint with an amazing accuracy emotionally charged events from my past that were the cause of all this stress and anxiety that had plagued me from my earliest memories.  I remember asking her if she was magic because honestly that’s what it felt like to me.  As soon as the treatment was over I felt a calm, a peace that I don’t remember ever feeling before in my life.  That sounds like an exaggeration but for me it wasn’t.  My head had never been quiet before.. ever!  I walked out of that treatment room exhausted but with a calmness that I had never experienced before, a quiet that I’ve never had before, and a peace that hasn’t left me since.  How amazing is that?  Not a single racing thought since!

NET truly was life-altering for me. The effects were instant and profoundly dramatic.  Dr. Lathon is a gifted practitioner, and I will be forever grateful for the changes she brought about in my life.  I believe I’m a better wife to my husband, a better mother to my kids, just a better me, period.  Things seem possible now that never did before.  I just ran my first half-marathon since completing treatment with Dr. Lathon and am planning to run my first full marathon next year at 40 years old.  My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner.  I feel blessed to have a second chance at the life I always wanted to have, and I’ll always be grateful because it’s Dr. Lathon and NET that have given me the opportunity to have it.


Dr. Rita is my one-stop shop for holistic healing and helping me to feel my best.  I have used many of her services - massage (she is the best!), chiropractic adjustments, nutritional planning to help my digestion and the most unique - Neuro Emotional Technique (NET).  I had never heard of NET prior to Dr. Rita introducing it to me, but I have found the sessions to be immensely helpful to work out issues - some that I am aware of and some that we discover along the way.  I will definitely continue to do NET and recommend it to any of my friends who are struggling with issues that even therapy doesn't seem to solve.  I go to Restorative Touch Chiropractic not only because it helps me to feel better physically, but I feel Dr. Rita has my genuine well-being at heart and listens to my issues and offers solutions with the many different tools at her disposal.  I highly recommend her services!


Dr. Lathon, I wanted to thank you for the outstanding chiropractic care and massage therapy you have given me in the last year. You are amazingly efficient and professional, and your knowledge of the body is truly remarkable!  I appreciate the dedication and skill which you demonstrate in your practice on every single one of my visits. I have been under chiropractic care for over 20 years, and I can say that anyone seeking chiropractic care and/or massage therapy should give you a call—they will not be disappointed! Words cannot express how much I appreciate you.


After having had spinal surgery and having endured a long period of rehab, I still found myself in the need to recover my good health.  Nothing really worked. As frustrating as this long quest was, it was in the end beguiling in equal measure for I found Dr. Rita Lathon.  Dr. Rita’s methodology is highly effective due to many reasons, only one of which is the fact that her expertise encompasses many therapeutic fields in one person.


I used to see Dr. Rita for massages and chiropractic adjustments in Dallas, and she is amazing.  Hands down the best massage therapist I have ever been to!  She is the best at working out stubborn knots and her massages made me feel relaxed, light on my feet, and years younger.  I can't really assess her as a chiropractor because I had never had an adjustment before I went to see Dr. Rita, but I was always amazed at how many things she was able to pop back into alignment.  I never felt nervous when she was popping my spine, and I always felt great after!  Dr. Rita is a person who clearly loves helping people, and it really shows in her work.  I would still be visiting her regularly if she hadn't moved to Austin. Y'all are very lucky to have her!  I highly recommend her services.


Arriving in Austin an unknown was awaiting me--my daughter was to have twins, two girls.  I knew there would be demands, but wasn’t prepared for the stressful living situation and the varied help needed for the proper care of the twins and mom.  The emotional and physical stress was beginning to show and I knew if I was to be of any help to my daughter I needed to get my body into a state of health.  I was at a loss at how to make the best food decisions for my body and knew my system wasn’t absorbing and utilizing the nutrients I needed.  Also, I was suffering from allergies (itchy eyes and throat), but I didn’t want to take drugs for it.

I called Dr. Rita and felt assured by our conversation that she would be able to assist me in gaining a state of adequate health to perform my responsibilities as mother and grandmother.  I was more that pleasantly surprised and satisfied after the first visit.

Through her professional guidance and techniques in the following weeks, my whole being has been brought more into a state of harmony.  Through her varied approach of acupressure, massage, chiropractic adjustments, Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), and Nutritional Response Testing, I left our sessions more able to function in my new role.  I have more energy.  My outlook on life is calmer with more assurance.  I’m happy about knowing proper food choices for my body.  Also, I’m no longer afraid of getting my much-needed chiropractic adjustments and now look forward to the benefits of being in alignment!

She has helped change my life.  I feel her help is for my entire life… her help will always be there.  It was not only the professional help but who she is that has made a difference.

Thank you Dr. Rita.


Dr. Rita is an amazing diverse chiropractor.  My family of four has brought great challenges to previous chiropractic care.  She was able to handle the adverse challenges without a problem.  My traveling husband is 6'6" tall, my competitive swimmer daughter is 6', my youngest daughter has had reconstructive hip surgery at the age of 2, and I had the normal neck pain from holding the office phone with my shoulders.  Dr. Rita used a cross-over method of chiropractic care and massage therapy from her previous background to keep us pain free for four to six week intervals.  This is the longest any of us ever went pain-free.  We can't thank her enough for her great techniques.

(The Sims Family)

As a competitive swimmer, my neck and back always hurt.  When I met Dr. Rita, I was hoping she would understand since she appeared to be athletic as well.  She was able to explain how my muscles were forcing my spine to pop out of place.  She wouldn't do the normal neck to feet adjustment.  She modified it for my needs.  As a six foot fourteen-year-old, I couldn't explain the pain but Dr. Rita took care of it.  The massages were an added bonus but the best part was her ability to recommend home routines for me to train my body to be pain-free.  I really thank Dr. Rita for her work because it actually improved my swimming.


With a welcoming presence, a strong understanding of her practice, and thorough analysis of all aspects of treatment, Dr. Lathon helped me to feel better before I even had an adjustment.

I've had two previous chiropractors and neither took such a thorough and whole-being approach the way Dr. Lathon did. The initial consultation was in depth and I could feel that I was being heard for what problem I actually had. In addition to the physical body, Dr. Lathon tested for an emotional element. This approach was much appreciated because the emotional/physical relationship so often go hand in hand.

The adjustment itself was relieving and once again very thorough. I haven't had any significant problems with my low back since treatment and the costs for treatment are very reasonable. Dr. Lathon won't try to talk you into a treatment you don't need. I found her to be humble, knowledgable, and genuinely invested in helping me heal.

If you're looking for a Dr. who is skilled in their field, genuine and welcoming, and will give you total care and attention to what ails you, you've found one of the best.


Dr. Rita

Thanks so much for the fine adjustment you gave me last Wednesday. I was sore on Thursday but it was a good sore.  That soreness has subsided & in particular I now note it seems like my left leg is about 1 inch longer.

I have used the Ma Roller to remove Knots in my back for years.  It does not hold a candle to your hands.

Feel free to show this testimonial to anyone, as you are truly a global asset in this profession and everyone should know.

Thanks again Nick Jones